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If you would like to discuss if our service is right for your situation or if you have any other questions please contact us:

  • Direct line: 0207 099 2879 - voicemails will be emailed to us.
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Our office address is:

25 Worthfield Close Epsom
Surrey, KT21 2NL

Twitter feed

If you are not yet a customer you should not be concerned the posts in the ‘tweet‘ box indicate excessive problems. Very very few relate to downtime during the working day and anyway you are seeing messages about all our servers mixed together. Sadly security updates and other things like upgrading hardware do require restarts - but except in exceptional circumstances these occur very late at night at the weekends and then few last longer than 20 minutes.

If you are a customer and you are experiencing a problem it is a good idea to check our Twitter feed first. You should only pay attention to tweets that mention your server name eg. s???. If we already know about a problem or it is planned down time it will be listed.

Please do NOT send us queries or report problems using Twitter. You will get much faster service if you email the hosting account as we give monitoring this priority.

Because it is just conceivable a connectivity fault could also take out this website we recommend you store @fmphostingUK direct on your Twitter software or as a bookmarked page in a web browser.