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FileMaker Pro

When you sign up for a trial we send you a startup file with your ‘Starting your hosting trial’ email. If you are happy to use this then all you need to do is double click the file and it will connect straight to our server. As we do not know your account names or passwords we can not program thse in for you but if you click on the title ‘fmp12-hosting’ you can enter these yourself. After your first successful connection you will find you file listed as a recent file but some may want to continue to use the start file long term.

FileMaker Go

You can also use the startup file on FileMaker Go. The easiest way to get it onto Go is to email it but you can also download it from a website or use the file transfer facility found by scrolling past the bottom of the apps list in iTunes. Connecting-to-Go.mp4Connecting-to-Go.mp4

The below shows how to initially connect to your hosted file with FileMaker Go if you don’t use a local file.


Your introductory email also includes a hyper link for WebDirect. After clicking on this we would advise storing the URL in your browsers bookmarks. If you want to control where the user ends up after a timeout or cancel you may be interested in the link technique at the bottom of the WebDirect page.