FileMaker Hosting UK

Why Use Us

We make it easy

We do it all for you. You don’t need to have any knowledge of Servers, or of FileMaker Server itself. Simply send us your FileMaker file(s) and we’ll do the rest. We are also happy to talk you through the process on the phone. Most new customers are online with their systems within an hour…

We don’t offer unlimited packages

Some other FileMaker Hosting suppliers offer ‘Unlimited’ packages. All FileMaker servers have limits, for instance IWP is limited to 125 connections. We suspect they mean everyone can try to connect as much as they like, we don’t much care if they don’t succeed. We would not want our files hosted in an environment where there is no control on other users saturating the service at our expense - we suspect you don’t either.

Low latency

Latency is the delay in requests from your client copy of FileMaker in getting to and from the FileMaker server. If the majority of connections to your system from FileMaker Pro client software are from within the UK you can minimise this delay by using one of our servers.

High bandwidth

Data Graph

FileMaker also benefits from a good speed of connection. If you have Flash and have tried the Speed Test on our home page you will have been testing the connection bandwidth between your location and one of our actual FileMaker servers. You will also have been able to compare this bandwidth with Speed Test’s recommended servers. They choose one as near to you as possible but where ever you are in the UK, you should have seen bandwidth near that achieved by their choice. The facility also generally runs at less than 50% of maximum capacity even during peak periods. At 9:30 am today (a peak time for logins) it is running at 19.1% of capacity. Of course it is also important that the actual server you are using is not overstretched. Our policy is to keep our servers running at less than 50% processor capacity. They only rarely go above this. We do this not only to ensure good service to our hosting customers, but also because we use the servers for our, and our development client’s database files. If things start to run slow you can be certain we will take rapid action. The graphs below show real data and that even our most loaded server is far from being stretched!