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Hiding your files

Removing your files from listings

Unless you have already changed the setting your files will show in the open remote dialogue in FileMaker Pro and Go. Depending on if any account has WebDirect enabled your file may also be displayed in web browsers. This does not allow others without the files login account names or passwords to connect - but depending on the file name you use does reveal the fact that you host with us. If you want to change this visibilitythe settings are easy to change.

Stopping listing in Pro and Go

This video takes you through the Pro and Go hiding steps. If you are using old software you will need to set the hide before sending the file. Newer systems allow it to be changed on the served version.

Stopping listing in WebDirect

WebDirect files that are not set to hide on a server can be visible to other people whose WebDirect session times out and those who call up a WebDirect database without specifying a correct name. The following shows you how to stop your file being listed in the WebDirect listing.

Stopping listing of IWP

Follow the WebDirect directions (it will be obvious where you need to diverge). You will need to set the hide before sending the file or resend it if your file is already hosted.