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Prices for Dedicated FileMaker Server Hosting

Service description

As well as our existing shared hosting service using 14 Servers we offer managed* dedicated FileMaker Server 16 hosting. This environment provides the highest level of security and can be tailored to your requirements allowing you to have your own URL, SSL certificate and server plugins etc. The DS01 package is a configuration which we believe will be fine for the majority of customers. For more demanding uses we offer two more powerful configurations. We are also happy to discuss custom configurations.

We set up the system for you and arrange backups etc. We monitor the server for you in a similar way to our service for shared servers and will substitute a clone should the system fail. We will add compatible plugins etc.

Pricing structure

Dedicated hosting servers each need an individual FileMaker Server Licence which FileMaker only supply annually in advance. Similarly we can only obtain SSL certificates annually. As a result there are both annual and monthly costs for dedicated hosting.

Pricing for Dedicated Hosting

Pricing for our standard dedicated server packages is shown below. Custom configurations are available, contact us for more information.

Dedicated Server DS01 DS02 DS03
Monthly price of package £175 £245 £325
Setup & Configuration £100 £100 £100
Server Disk Size 200GB 400GB -
Server SSD Size - - 400GB
Server CPU vCores 2x 2.3Ghz 4x 2.3Ghz 8x 2.3Ghz
Server RAM 7GB 15GB 30GB
Backup Disk included* 100GB 200GB 200GB
Annual Costs  
Annual SSL Certificate £60
Annual FileMaker Server Licence** £250
Optional Monthly Extras***  
Additional 100GB Backup Disk £10
Processor clock Speed Upgrade  
RAM Upgrade  
SSD System Disk  

*The size of Backup Disk required depends on the total size of the database solution, the frequency of backups and the backup retention policy.

**Includes one WebDirect/FileMaker Go connection for testing - extra connections are at current FileMaker prices - alternatively, you can provide us with your own licence.

***server upgrade costs are package dependent, so do call to discuss in more detail.

All prices exclude VAT

Dedicated hosting trial

Generally we do not offer a free trial of dedicated hosting because of the server licence, SSL certificate and setup required.