FileMaker Hosting UK

Fast, Reliable Managed Database Hosting

We make it simple.

We offer easy to understand and simple to buy hosting. You don’t need to have any knowledge of servers, or of FileMaker Server itself. Simply send us your FileMaker file(s) and we’ll do the rest. We will:

  • Recommend the best cloud server for your needs
  • Set up, configure and manage your server for you
  • Monitor your server 24/7 and receive daily status reports
  • Ensure your databases are backed up regularly
  • Take care of FileMaker Server and operating system updates
  • Be available to discuss any issues and queries

Prices from £49 per month

We offer a professional hands on UK based service and are happy to discuss the options on the phone. Call us on 0207 099 2879

Managed Servers, Personal Service

We have over 15 years experience specifying, setting up and managing FileMaker cloud servers and are available to advise on the most cost effective server plan for your individual requirements. We don’t charge for this advice as we believe that talking to our customers and helping them to make an informed choice is the best way to build long term relationships.

Recommended Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Price Use Case
Linux Starter £49 for low intensity use or development
Linux Standard £79 our most popular plan for small businesses
Linux Plus £119 for higher user counts or more demanding usage
CUSTOM custom configurations to match your specific needs

We offer a broad range of plans from entry level servers all the way up to enterprise cloud servers with 32 cpu cores and 180GB memory. We charge per server rather than per user, so the same server could be used by either 5 busy full time users or 20 occasional/part time users. This give you more flexibility when choosing the appropriate plan for your business. We can also upgrade your plan as your business grows, with minimal disruption and at a time that suits you.

To discuss your individual requirements call Paul Jansen on 0207 099 2879

Reliable servers, robust network

We prioritise uptime on our cloud servers and it is not unusual to see users that have been continuously connected for well over a week. We host our own files and those of a number of our development client’s files on these servers so we really appreciate how how important it is to always have access your data. When we do need to reboot (perhaps for a security or OS update) we always try to do this outside extended business hours. Among our many hosting clients we are proud to have been been selected by a number of professional UK developers to host their clients files. As well as UK based clients we have clients who regularly connect from Belgium, Holland, Spain, Denmark and Italy; as well as India, Australia, Thailand and the USA.