FileMaker Hosting UK

Prices for hosting on FileMaker Server 14

Free trial

You can‘t be certain about a hosting service unless you try it first. So we are offering a one month free trial on our shared FileMaker server 14 hosting. This way you can confirm that our service meets your needs without any commitment. Our shared servers work well with FileMaker 12,13 and 14 databases and up to FileMaker Go 16 and FileMaker Pro 16** individually purchased or VLA software.

The Shared Hosting service does NOT work withFileMaker 16 for user connections (FLT) or FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 both of which require dedicated hosting.

To start a free one month FileMaker Server 14 trial please email us using this link.


After your free trial you can select a package and any options to enhance your choice. These are summarised in this table and explained in more detail further down the page. Once you select a package and start the paid service you will be invoiced automatically each time your paid for period expires. Any package that includes advance payment can be terminated by you at any time and whole unused months will qualify for a refund based on the appropriate monthly package rate.

  14L package 14S package
Monthly price of package n/a £20
Yearly price of package £100 £240
Included files hosted 1 1
Included file space 250MB 500MB
Included FileMaker Pro connections 2 20
Included FileMaker Go connections none 1
Included WebDirect connections none none
Full backup as described in ‘About FMH yes yes
Included manual download requests per year 3 3

Add ons (all prices per month)
Each extra file hosted £5 £5
20 extra FileMaker Pro connections £10 £10
Each extra 500MB space n/a £5
Each extra FileMaker Go connection £5 £5
Each extra WebDirect connection n/a £15
Add overnight Dropbox copy £5 £5
Each extra manual download £75 £75

n/a means not available - All prices exclude VAT

(14S) Standard hosting package £20 per month + VAT†

This package should be fine for small businesses and for departments of larger organisations. You can use various methods to connect.

  • 1 file (.fmp12) {This can be increased see below}
  • 500MB total disk space for your database and any external container storage
  • Up to 20 simultaneous connections from FileMaker Pro clients
  • One connection at one time for FileMaker Go is included in this package. {This can be increased see below}
  • Option to add WebDirect connections see below
  • 20 ODBC/PHP connections
  • Database upload through FileMaker 13 and above or to send it to us for upload
  • Full backup as described in ‘About FMH
  • Up to 3 manual copies supplied on request per year
  • Option to request server control access*
  • One overnight server script

(14L) Low usage FileMaker Pro only hosting package £100 p/a + VAT

!This is a very good value package for small organisations such a clubs, partnerships and individuals who use FileMaker Pro clients to access their central data; perhaps from laptops or more than one location. The servers you will use and the performance you get will be the same as for our standard package. The only difference is the limits to connections and what options you can add - as explained below.

  • 1 file {This can be increased see below}
  • 250MB total disk space for your database and any external container storage
  • No more than two simultaneous connections from FileMaker Pro at any time
  • Option to add FileMaker Go connections (see below)
  • Database upload through FileMaker 13 and above or to send it to us for upload
  • Full backup as described in ‘About FMH
  • Up to 3 manual copies supplied on request per year

You can add FileMaker Go connections, extra database files and the Dropbox backup to this package, but this package does NOT allow WebDirect connections or extra space to be added

FileMaker Go connections £5 per month + VAT

These can be added to all packages. You may need these if you intend to use more connections than are included your package (ie 1 for 14S). You need to purchase enough extra to cover the maximum number of simultaneous connections from FileMaker Go.

WebDirect connections £15 per month per file + VAT

You can add WebDirect connections to package 14S. You may need more than one of these if you expect more than one connection at once as what you purchase will be the maximum connections allowed.

Extra database files £5 per month per file + VAT

If you want to add more files to your package we host over your normal package limit you can purchase extra databases. Please note that this purchase do not come with extra file space or connection limits.

Extra space for your databases £5 per month per 500 MB + VAT

Most users easily fit in the space their package provides. However if you need more this is charged at £5 per month for an additional 500MB. For those exceeding the 500MB we generally ask that they set their databases to store container fields externally without the secure option ticked so that the impact on backups is reduced above 1.2 GB we may refuse to host the file until this has been done.

Extra FileMaker Pro connections £10 per month for an additional 20 users + VAT

For most customers the included FileMaker Pro connections is sufficient, however if you need more users to connect concurrently an additional 20 users can be added to your package for £10 per month + VAT. _This does not include any FileMaker Go or Web Direct connections._

Overnight Dropbox copy of your database(s) £5 per month + VAT

If you are a user who wants a recent copy of you hosted database at hand all the time Dropbox syncing is for you. We supply a shared Dropbox folder with a new backup every night so that after turning on your computer) the following morning you get the previous day‘s databases delivered without you having to do anything else. Please note we cannot/do not monitor this service and it has a minimum commitment of 6 months. After the initial download Dropbox backups can be quite quick as Dropbox only sends the changes to your files

Recovery from archive and extra copies fee £75

If you request recovery from historic backups or to be sent copies of your database more than 3 time a year, we reserve the right to charge for this service. We will also charge for any request where you are no longer a paying/your file has been taken down for late payment/you were a trial customer eg your trial ended and you did not request the return of your files at the time or your hosting charges are unpaid.

*Server control panel access is not charged for this but it is granted as a privilege that we may withdraw without explanation at any time.

**You can connect box or perpetual (not FLT) FileMaker 15 and 16 to our shared 14 servers. In the case of 15 there is almost no loss of real world functionality other than the obscure truncate function. For FileMaker 16 the encrypt function, PDFs in WebDirect and the JSON functions will not work. However the vast majority of functionality is fine. Please trial shared hosting to confirm it works well with your database. If you want full functionality you will need to opt for one of dedicated hosting packages

To keep your and our costs down our normal practice is to issue invoices for at least £100 + VAT so if this package is purchased on its own we invoice three or six months at a time. If you cancel hosting and have paid in advance any whole months will be refunded. We also offer direct debit for monthly plans.