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Prices for All Inclusive FileMaker Package

What you get

All you need to work as a team on one or more shared databases and always have access to the latest FileMaker releases.

With this package you don’t need to buy any FileMaker Pro licences or decide in advance how you want connect. Your users are free to user any connection method; FileMaker on the desktop, FileMaker Go on iPad or iPhone or WebDirect in a browser. Many customers begin with the Starter solutions supplied with FileMaker.

Our ‘All Inclusive FileMaker Package’ is a cost effective and simple entry into using shared databases on a server dedicated to your use . You will get the very latest version of the FileMaker software both on the server and for you to use on your computers and iOS devices. The AS01 package is a configuration which we believe will be a great starting point for the majority of customers.

We set up the system for you and arrange backups etc. We monitor the server for you in a similar way to our service for shared servers and will substitute a clone should the system fail. We will also send you send you links for downloading the FileMaker Pro* and Go software.

Key benefits of this package

  • No need to buy any copies of FileMaker Pro.
  • Choose any connection method; FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go or WebDirect.
  • We set everything up and look after the server for you.
  • FileMaker Server Licence included.
  • Host up to 125 files at no extra cost.
  • No extra cost to upgrading to the latest version of FileMaker

Pricing for All Inclusive Package

Payment for this service is monthly by direct debit with a minimum term of 6 months.
Pricing for our All Inclusive FileMaker package is shown below.

All Inclusive dedicated hosting package AS01
Monthly price of package £199
Setup & Configuration £100
Server Disk Size 50GB
Server CPU vCores 2x 2.3Ghz
Server RAM 7GB
Backup Disk included** 50GB
FileMaker for Teams Licence 5 user
Optional Monthly Extras
Additional 100GB Backup Disk £10

Do give us a call if you want to discuss any aspects of this package or you need more than 5 users.

*The FileMaker Pro for user connections software can only be used when connected to the sever.
**You might need extra Backup Disk space if your database solution is large and you need either frequent backups or to keep backups for a long time.

All prices exclude VAT

Dedicated hosting trial

Generally we do not offer a free trial of dedicated hosting because of the server licence, SSL certificate and setup costs, however we can offer access to a demo file on an equivalent server in the same environment.